Parâmetros biológicos de controle de Chrysoperla

To know the impact of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner upon the natural enemies is
a challenge to compatibility of the strategies of the integrated pest management
Thus the effect of the B thuringiensis present in bioinsecticides Agree ®,
DipelWG ® and Xentari ® of Bt proteins on cultivars of transgenic corn
DKB 390 PRO ( and 2 B 587 HX ( on adults and larvae of Chrysoperla
externa ( respectively was evaluated Also the feeding preference of the
larvae of the predator for the nymphs of Schizaphis graminum Rondani and
third ínstar caterpillars of Spodoptera frugiperda frugiperda (J E Smith) fed the
transgenic corn DKB 390 PRO ( and its isohybrid was evaluated The
biopesticides at their maximum dosage were added to the diet of the adults of the
lacewings evaluating the oviposition egg survival and longevity It was observed
that oviposition was influenced by the tested proteins obtaining increased
fecundity when adults were fed diet containing bioinsecticide The egg survival
was of 76 longevity was not influenced at all For the larvae fed the preys
coming from Bt plants consumption development time, egg survival longevity of
adults and length of larvae were evaluated No differences were found in the
evaluated parameters when the larvae of C externa were fed the aphid reared on
the hybrids DKB 390 PRO ( its isohybrid DKB 390 and conventional
DKB 399 2 B 587 HX ( its isohybrid 2 B 587 and conventional 30 A 68 m For larvae
of C externa when fed caterpillars of S frugiperda raised on the corn Bt
DKB 390 PRO ( and 2 B 587 HX ( no differences in consumption
development time, egg survival and adults longevity were found As regards the
length of the larvae of C externa no significant differences were detected
obtaining insects within the standard of the species Relative to the standard
feeding preference in the three instars of larvae of C externa utilized as a food